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Dec. 9th, 2018 08:48 pm
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Yet another user from the Great Tumblr Migration - that place I went to after the Great LiveJournal Migration :') Here's hoping!

◇ Casual fandom drifter
♡ Sucker for romance & the power of friendship
☆ Keeping this separate from my professional social medias*, please & thank you!


This is a cozy space for me to discuss, draw, and work on having fun without guilt-tripping or overthinking.

I don't post frequently, but I'm always up for talking about interests! Check my profile for the full list - here's the ones I post about most:

Art | Magical Girls | Princess Tutu | Revolutionary Girl Utena | Reading | Rise of the Guardians | Romance | She-ra and the Princesses of Power | Undertale & Deltarune | Writing

(*but if you ever want to check out my pro blogs, PM me!)
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Been dragging my feet, lately, but it's raining today & that means my health bar is Fully Restored ;D

No mood can stand in the way of my favorite weather lol. If only it would rain more, here, instead of skipping straight to snow (which is also lovely, but it's not rain.)

What's your favorite weather? Hope it rolls in for you, soon!

I'm back!!

Mar. 19th, 2019 03:07 pm
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Finally past the busyness! Plus, got a month's bonus out of work!! My schedule should go back to normal, though, so I can catch up on everything.

How's everyone been, lately?
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Really starting to think I should have made [community profile] hold_x_to_run a general horror fan community, not just for games. Thinking that might encourage more posting, too. At least, it wouldn't be quite so stressful to find things to post, that way.

Here's what I'm wondering - could make a general horror fan comm, but I'd want to cross-post what little I have on [community profile] hold_x_to_run & eventually delete that so I'm not running two very similar communities.

Any opinions on this?

What a Week

Feb. 1st, 2019 01:07 pm
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Sometimes, you just gotta say "good enough" & walk away.

It's been a frustrating week & I'm not too hopeful that the weekend will be nicer, so I'm checking out til Monday!

mild venting under cut )

Hope your week was good & your weekend goes even better! If not ... tomorrow is another day :')
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KH III's imminent reality has kicked up my nostalgia; lost my whole weekend to revisiting old fandoms :'D A little fan-ish flailing under the cuts!

Kingdom Hearts

A far-off memory ... )


Holy bat-logic, Batman! )

Star Trek

It's not really ugly, it's human. )

As fun as the concentrated nostalgia weekend was, I really need to get back on track. Nostalgia always hits me like a truck, though, and this'll probably turn into a Thing I Post About. How about you - revisit old fandoms much?
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( copied from tumblr. )

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in.

Feel free to copy it to your own journal, too ;D

( If you want to guess for a certain WIP, include the title in your comment! )
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This last week was super busy & super productive ... so I could really use a free day :')
No plans, no check list! At the mo, I'm reading East ( it's finally picked up pace!! ) Maybe I'll write, maybe I'll watch a show, maybe I'll just make some tea, lol.
Haven't started MP100's second season, yet, but I kind of want to rewatch season one as a refresher. Still can't believe Kingdom Hearts III is actually releasing!! This next week!! It's been so long, it doesn't even feel real.
What's up? Got any fun planned, or things you're looking forward to?

( Writing this on mobile, so if there's any weird formatting ... uh, you know? )
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 While I'm pleased to say that I'm making good on my new year plans, I still need to work on de-lurking :'D

Been juggling work, projects, & fun a lot better than I usually do, though! Here's some updates - under cuts just because?

[ Life Updates ]

[ Blog Updates ]

Anyway. Know this month just started, but it feels more like March with how much I've done :'D Need to be better about commenting, though. It's an on-going goal of mine, to celebrate fellow creators, mostly through comments and hopefully some fanart!

So, how has your January been? If you made resolutions, how are they holding up? Here's hoping that each tomorrow treats you better than yesterday!! Cheers!!!

Ramble Meme

Jan. 4th, 2019 10:05 am
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Want to keep up the de-lurking habit, but sometimes the social battery is at 2%. Let's have a low-effort comment game :'D

" new ask game send me a 🌻 and ill just tell you whatever i want "

(copied from tumblr)
Feel free to copy this to your own blog, or tell me in your comment if you're cool with us doing a 🌻 chain here.
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Already mentioned how busy my last week of 2018 got - fell behind on a lot of things, like my reading page, and just plain reading - but I did manage to knock out a good bit on my WIPs!

This update, let's play a game!!

Describe your story, badly. Or chapter, character, writing process, etc - have fun with it!

PROJECT BB – original, fairy tale, comic – drafted, putting into script format, starting first edit!

"Fellas, is it gay if I devote my entire life to hunting down a lady I saw once? ... Ok, but what if it's for revenge?" - The Main Character

REWRITE IV – original, supernatural, comic – planned, outlining in progress, +4 motivation!

"If everything changes and nothing changes, is this even real? Are we even real? What is real, really??" - The Basic Conflict

WELL-MET – fanfic, RotG, blackice – outlined, first draft coming along, first chapter almost complete!

"Jack keeps interrupting Pitch's dinner with Enemy Banter. Nobody wins and everybody is hurt." - The First Chapter

SLEEP DEEP – fanfic, RotG, blackice – outlined, first draft started!

"Love the ambiance!" "Yeah, but where's the plot?" "Love! The ambiance!" "I know, but where's -" "Love! The!! Ambiance!!!" - Me and also Me
Feel free to play the game in the comments or in your journal! Loved this when it happened on tumblr - hope to see it here, too *eyes emoji*

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How's the end of the year treating you? Things got way busy, for me, so this is cutting it close :'D
(Shout out to [personal profile] doctorsidrat, who inspired this post!)

[ New Year's Eve ]

How are you spending the holiday? Did you party with friends, or stay in for a cozy night? I'm staying in :) got these two days off, so I'll probably work on projects & watch some shows (looking at you, She-ra!) Not big on parties or drinking ... or staying up late, wow. But!!! Working on having fun my way, even if it seems boring to others. That's how I'll ring in the new year.

Any plans or resolutions? Keeping mine small this year, so I'll get them done for sure. Never really made resolutions, mostly because it just sounded like more stress on top of everything else, but I'm really motivated for these ones.

[ New Year Plans ]
Balance my schedule! Now that I've got the hang of my new job, I need to properly work out my schedule. Want to balance transcribing, commission work, personal projects, and hopefully some fun lol. (Got a new planner & to-do sticky notes for Christmas, so those will really help!)

Focus on Projects! 2018 was bad for projects, excepting these last few months, so I really want to crack down on all of mine. Whether it's a sentence / sketch a day, or a whole scene fleshed out, I want to work on at least one project a day. (Setting my goal fairly low so I won't get discouraged if I have bad days - one sentence is one more than none!)

Have fun! Been working on letting myself have fun / actually doing fun things, but I really want to commit to it. No more guilty pleasures - we write those self indulgent stories! We watch those cute cartoons! We engage in our interests and don't apologize! (I'll allow some multitasking, 'cause I know me, but it's gotta be more often than this year.)

Good luck & good day, everyone!!

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 Don't get real free-time often - there's usually commissions to work on, or chores to do - and when I do, I waste time figuring out how to spend it. The vicious cycle!!

Today, I have free time! And a long weekend! Gonna list all of my fun to-dos so I can just pick & go.

[To Watch] She-ra | Revue Satrlight | Princess Knight

[To Read] East | Finding the Beauty in the Beast

[To Draw] Fanart | Projects

[To Write] Fanfic | Projects

[To Play] Demos | Game Jams
& some holiday plans (surprising my dad with movie tickets, finishing some presents, spending Christmas day painting with the family!) Semi-related note ... got myself a present. Utena's Black Rose boxset. It arrived early. It's sitting under the tree, mocking me. I'm not good with waiting lol.

What are you saving for free time? How are you spending the holidays? Hope you have a lovely time!!
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[ Fandom ] Rise of the Guardians
[ Pairing ] Pitch Black / Jack Frost
[ Rating ] PG
[ Preview ]

Polished up some blackice sketches ;V

one icon & two 800x images behind cut )
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Post screenshots, excerpts, or general check-in/rambling about your progress on any given project you're currently working on.

Meme provided by [community profile] journalmemes via [personal profile] jezunya.


Yesterday was a good writing day for me! Worked on 3 out of the 4 projects (but I'm feeling those vibes for that 4th project, so here's hoping!)

PROJECT BB – original, fairy tale, comic – planned, outlined, first draft almost done!

I am so proud of this new climax! It really lets the characters shine & has more impact than the first one I planned. Also found The Song to write this to ... NyxTheShield's remix of Deltarune's ost, Legend ... set it to loop & went to town! Knocked out everything but the final scene!!!

REWRITE IV – original, supernatural, comic – planned, outline picking up speed!

Had the general shape of it, before, but I'm starting to get down the details! Kind of blowing my mind how much has shifted in this rewrite - things that had stayed the same (and, admittedly, gone a little stale) in previous versions are given a new energy. Getting excited!!

WELL-MET – fanfic, RotG, blackice – planned, outlined, first draft picking up speed!

Hashed out a scene that was giving me trouble! Looking at it from a different POV helps - got characters that start very self-focused & things get stuck in that narrowed view. Writing a little drabble on what the others are thinking in the same scene is interesting, especially once I run it through the main POV's interpretation again.

SLEEP DEEP – fanfic, RotG, blackice – planned, outlined!

This was the project I didn't work on last night, but I'm setting up a Mood Playlist for it. Atmosphere is something I really want to focus on here, and I think that's what's been scaring me off from starting the first draft.

Semi-related, but I finally went through my tumblr & saved some writing advice posts; going to reread them for a compilation here.

How is your writing going? All excerpts, rants, and ramblings are welcome ;)

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Between the monthly challenges, fanzines, and new jobs I got these past few months ... I'd forgotten about my personal projects.


Did some big commissions towards the end here, joined a few fanzines (Steven Universe, RPG Horror, and Undertale ... still waiting on the She-ra one,) but I haven't actually drawn anything since October. It's killing me :'D

Got two illustration series, two comics, and all the little drawings I really want to knock out!! The problem isn't motivation - I'm plenty excited to work on them - it's time. Thinking of trying a new way of inking, seeing if it speeds up the process ...


After that unofficial NaNo, my writing habits are doing much better than my drawing habits! Nothing awe-inspiring, but I am back in the groove of writing every day or so. Forgot how much I loved it ...

I'm gonna try a few tips on how to type that first draft faster!! All but one of my projects is outlined & started on drafting :)


I'm ... bad at scheduling breaks. It's something I've been working on for years now. Workaholic :') I enjoy my new job & commissions are always nice, but I really need to rework my new schedule for some fun stuff.

Working on my reading list, watching list, playing list ... it's a lot!! Currently reading East by Edith Pattou, want to finish watching She-ra, and there's some indie rpgs I've got bookmarked for later. Doesn't help that I want to re-read Cucumber Quest all of a sudden ...
Do you have any personal projects you're working on? I love hearing about other's projects - I get so much more done when I've got friends to bounce excitement off of. What works for you? I'm a list-maker! I've got lists of my lists to keep me on track lol. Any fun plans for the end of this year? I'm gonna try to knock out those currently-doing things!

(Keep forgetting to mention, if you ever want to check out my pro art blog for all these projects I vague about, message me!)
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Drop one of these bad boys in a comment and I will respond, without editing:
  • FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project
  • LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project
  • NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.
  • [insert prompt here] — you post a prompt, and i’ll write three sentences based on that prompt, set in the same time/setting as my current project
  • THE END — i’ll make up an ending, or post the ending if i’ve written it
  • BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project
  • POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective
Meme provided by [community profile] journalmemes.


Oh, I've wanted to do this! Just comment & I'll choose randomly from my current wips - two originals & two blackice fics!
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[community profile] hold_x_to_run
is a Horror Game Fan Community.

any type of horror game | any type of horror aspects from games

discussions | meta | fanfic | fanart | recs | live blogs | let's plays

check the Rules and FAQ before posting | meet fellow fans in the Intro post

mod [personal profile] sankseas | to unlock co-mod, message [personal profile] sankseas


Thanks to the encouragement - I did it! It's a simple setup, but it's open :'D I'll try to make a post soon, so it doesn't look so barren ... also to look into some promo communities to get the word out.
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Tentatively considering making a multifandom community for horror game fans.

Haven’t found anything like that in my searching here, but let me know if I’ve missed it!

Otherwise, here’s what I’m thinking:

For fans of all types of horror video games – big name ones, indie ones, rpg ones, up-and-coming ones.

A general fandom space that focuses on horror games - discussions, meta, fic, art, recs, let's plays.
My only hesitations on it are:

Is there enough interest? Making a community for 1 or 2 people seems a waste.

I've never been a mod, and I'd have to be a very casual one because of little free time.
If you’re interested in a community like that (or have suggestions) please comment below!
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[ Fandom ] Tokyo Mew Mew
[ Pairing ] Zakuro / Mint
[ Rating ] PG
[ Preview ]

When I remembered my first otp, I had to draw something :'D
(x-posted from my tumblr of the same username)

two 600x images behind the cut )
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I've recently dove back into writing after a years-long break. Got two original stories and two fanfics in the works - did an unofficial NaNoWriMo to work on them, actually. Feels great to get back in the groove – forgot how much I love writing! Now, I can’t share too many details, but I can and will vaguepost about my projects ;)

PROJECT BB – original, fairy tale, comic – planned, outlined, first draft ½ done!

This one’s all smooth sailing! It’s extremely self-indulgent, so maybe that’s why lol. Just rewrote a plot point that had tripped me up once I got scripting – now the story & characters have much more impact! I’m ridiculously proud!!

REWRITE IV – original, supernatural, comic – planned, outlining started!

This one’s an old project that’s near & dear to my heart … but I kept jumping the gun and posting it too soon. It’s got a lot of rewrites / reboots. Feel a little guilty for doing yet another one, but this idea is what I wanted it to be all along. Won’t announce this rewrite until I’ve got at least half of the pages drawn & polished.

WELL-MET – fanfic, RotG, blackice – planned, outlined, first draft started!

Tentatively dipping back into the fanfic pool with a slow & easy fic. Well. I say easy … it’s planned to be 17 chapters, which is probably not a lot to seasoned authors, but it’s quite a bit for me! Character focused, short scenes, and I can sprinkle in all those head-canons & daydreamS I’ve kept to myself forever lol.

SLEEP DEEP – fanfic, RotG, blackice – planned, outlined!

I admit, this one took me by surprise. Had planned just the one (above) blackice fic, but an idea hit me out of nowhere & it didn’t fit with the other, so? A second fic was born! It’s even more self-indulgent in that it’s kind of sort of a Beauty and the Beast AU?? It’s my one, true weakness! More plot focused, so I’m a bit nervous if I can pull it off.

Hope to share some more about these, and probably round up some excerpt memes from tumblr. Still looking through the writing communities on here … if you’ve got any recs, please tell! I’m mostly looking for advice and motivation, not prompts. & Hey!! If you’ve got any projects going on, feel free to join in on the vagueposting ;D I love talking with other creators!!

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